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Financial Institution Testimonials

"Frost Financial is much more than insurance sales...they are a true partner to help build the credit union and help members."“VisualGAP has dramatically reduced the time that it takes for our staff to offer our products for our members.  We used to look things up on three different websites and now we can do everything at one place.  The interface with our Loan Origination System reduces keystrokes and the Menu-selling screen makes it very simple to show our members all of their options.  It’s priceless!!”

Brie Hertel - Lending Manager,
Coors Credit Union
Golden, Colorado

“VisualGAP has helped streamline the cross-selling process and makes everything quicker and easier for our staff to serve our members.  Because all our products are now available from one website, our staff can quickly and consistently offer all of our products to all of our members."

Mark West - Lending Manager
First Service Federal Credit Union
Groveport, Ohio

Credit Union’s Sales Culture Begins with GAP Training

"Frost Financial is much more than insurance sales...they are a true partner to help build the credit union and help members."

Stan Barnes - CEO,
Canton School Employees
Federal Credit Union

With roughly $102 million in assets and 23,000 members, Canton Schools Employees (CSE) Federal Credit Union, in Canton, Ohio is a remarkable example of the potential positive benefits of building a Sales and Service culture.

“We’ve been able to develop a true sales oriented culture, “said Stan Barnes, CEO, CSE Federal Credit Union.” “It is a culture that has helped us to deliver better member service and improve sales of all credit union products.”

“Jo Anne Brashen at Frost has been a big part of our success at CSE,” stated Jeannie Fye, CSE Assistant Branch Manager and Loan Officer. “Jo Anne helped train our staff, encouraged incentives, and connected us with Rex Johnson from Lending Solutions to help increase our sales.”

“CSE went from averaging about one GAP sale per loan officer per month to an average of 10 or more per loan officer per month,” said Brashen. “There is an excitement in the air that I never saw before and it continues to this day!”

“Our incentive program pays for itself,” said Kathy Tampian, Vice President of Finance, CSE. “The fee income generated by GAP is very good, we’re not taking the loss on loans and we’re definitely making money on the credit life and disability. We have invested in training
our staff and as training increases, so has our income.”

“The credit union’s current monthly fee income from GAP is roughly $10,000 or more per month. That’s significant,” said Brashen. “However, the most significant change was in their credit insurance program. When we took over their program well over 10 years ago,
they barely sold $1,500 in premium per month. Their current monthly premium is $27,000.”

“We really believe in our products, “said Fye. “We see a lot of members with negative equity in their vehicles. GAP is not only good for the credit union, but it helps our members get into their next vehicle faster.”

“VisualGAP is easy to use,” said Tammy Weibel, Loan Officer. “We are able to price the loan with and without GAP, then show the member the graph illustration to help explain it. It’s a very, very helpful tool.” “The new Sales and Service culture at CSE has helped improve several key areas at CSE. Staff morale is sky high, members are receiving great service and the overall financial health of the Credit Union has improved even in these difficult times. Our staff is now better trained to serve the needs of our members and we are able to make good loans to people that may have had prior financial problems,” said Stan
Barnes CEO.

“We have partnered with Frost Financial Services to offer GAP to our members. The credit union receives fee income from the GAP program and we have a member who is great example of how GAP protects our members.

Frost’s VisualGAP program is the best we’ve found. Once we have a chance to explain to members the benefits and low cost of GAP they are typically eager to purchase the program.”

Kenneth Strand
CEO, Ohio Operating Engineers
Federal Credit Union
Cleveland, OH

"Menu selling through VisualGAP has helped us to better serve our members and to increase sales of our loan protection products."

Jim Sprauer
Heartland Federal Credit Union
Dayton, OH

"Frost has really helped us better serve our members.  In almost all of the claims processed, the member is upside down in their vehicle.  Frost always resolves the issue quickly and the members appreciate having the GAP.  We've had members who purchased GAP at the dealers and those claims are nightmares.  With Frost, everything runs smoothly.

VisualGAP also helps us better communicate the benefit of GAP insurance by allowing the member to actually see when the break even on their car is."

Randall Okamoto
Vice President, Loans
Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union
Honolulu, HI

"Our GAP program through Frost has been a win-win for our Credit Union and our members. The Frost VisualGAP system is easy to use, provides NADA valuations and has simplified the entire administration process."

Mike Clark
Vice President of Lending
BMI Federal Credit Union
Columbus, OH

"We have tried several GAP programs and VisualGAP by Frost is the best.  Our lending staff loves to use VisualGAP because it is "slick and quick".  We have even increased our GAP sales because the staff loves the VisualGAP system."

Mandy Haynes
Lending Manager
Streator Onized Credit Union
Streator, IL

"With VisualGAP, the entire process of filing a claim is simple. Ultimately, my favorite part of the system is that you can view the claim status online."

Melissa Edens
Loan Processor
Kemba Credit Union
Cincinnati, OH

"Everyone at Frost is always so helpful and efficient! The GAP claim process is a breeze and checks are sent out very quickly! That makes our members happy, and when they are happy, so are we."

Kacie Robertus
Loan Officer
AM Community Credit Union
Kenosha, WI




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