We Are Here To Serve You

The success of the Frost GAP program can be directly attributed to our focus and commitment to providing the highest quality GAP Products and Services in the Lender market.

Our focus and core commitment is to GAP Administration. Frost is a pioneer in the GAP market and we are committed to our clients’ success.

  • Frost currently provides GAP Administration for more than 1,000 Lenders nationwide

The Frost program has the broadest coverage possible for our client’s vehicle loan borrowers. The Frost GAP program is designed to pay more in benefits for our Lenders and their borrowers including:

  • 150% LTV coverage is standard
  • Covers any type of Debt rolled into the vehicle loan
  • 2 Late Payments and 2 Skip Payments are standard
  • 365 Day Claim Filing Period
Frost provides an unparalleled combination of “high tech and high touch” service. Our staff is dedicated to provide the best service possible for both our clients and their borrowers.

  • Phone calls are answered by “real” people trained to answer your question.
The VisualGAP web tool was the first web based application to assist with the sale of GAP coverage and continues to lead the GAP industry with many technology firsts.

  • First “Graphical Illustration” tool to assist with the sale of GAP.
  • First “end to end” GAP Administrative tool.
  • First “real time” GAP claims status available for clients.
  • First and only company to provide NADA valuation data in business flow
  • First application of “Menu-Selling” for direct vehicle loans.