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Your Guide to Menu Selling

Menu Selling

Menus remove the bottle necks in the sales process and provide an easy to understand list of options with products grouped into pre-determined packages, including GAP, service contracts, credit life and disability and more.

Sell beneficial products to every customer in the same non-threatening way, without pre-judging.
Lay out all of a customer's loan protection options, including total monthly payments, and leave the final informed decision up to the customer to make.
It's not about selling simply to increase the bottom line; it's about selling the product that will best cover the customer in case their vehicle is totaled or stolen or they find themselves in a situation where they can not make the loan payments.
Offer 100% of the institution's loan protection services to 100% of your customers , 100% of the time - all while benefiting the customer and increasing the bottom line for your institution.

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