A full range of vehicle loan protection services and to better protect your customers and your institution.

Auto Related


Our focus and core commitment is to GAP program Administration. Frost is a pioneer in the GAP market and we are committed to our clients’ success.

Great Coverage | Industry leading technology with VisualGAP | World-class service


TotalRestart is a “member benefit” that goes beyond traditional GAP coverage. When members finance their auto loan through you and purchase GAP coverage, they get the peace of mind of knowing that they could get credit toward the replacement cost for a similar car if theirs is damaged or stolen and deemed a total loss.


Help your members extend the life of their vehicle with Warranty and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. Provide piece of mind to members with later model vehicles and extend your non-interest income opportunities.

Credit Insurance

Protects your borrowers | Protects lender from charge-offs  |  Produces fee income  |  Turnkey support and service

The Frost VisualGAP web tool can help you to dramatically increase Credit Insurance penetration through menu-selling.

Debt Cancellation

An exciting alternative to the highly regulated credit insurance products most financial institutions rely upon for fee-based income. Simple and not regulated by the state insurance departments with respect to rates, benefits, policy forms and licensing, resulting in a major reduction in red tape.

Dent Guard


Auto Deductible Reimbursement

This innovative product is provided as a “blanket” benefit to your members and has a high perceived value at a reasonable cost. The typical Auto Deductible. Reimbursement plan design will reimburse, up to $500 per Loss (limit of two losses per year).


With TRUECar’s Car Buying Service on your web site, you give members an exclusive car-buying tool that helps them enjoy a hassle-free buying experience and keeps them close for financing!

Monroney Labels

When it comes to accurately valuing vehicles and making lending decisions, how often does your credit union actually see the vehicle you’re lending on? If you could see the Window Sticker, you’d know with certainty the vehicle’s features and options— and their true costs. Now you can.


Equipment Maintenance

Avoid costly repair bills when they are least expected. Protect your equipment 24/7 and control costs of repairs and preventative maintenance.

Bond Coverage

By applying our in-depth understanding of financial institutions and responding to the most recent trends, we can tailor a portfolio of protection to meet your needs.



Direct Mail

We offer a variety of marketing support tools to help you better educate your members and grow your credit union