Sales Tip

The questions to ask to help members protect themselves and their credit.
Do you have $3,000 sitting around and available if you get into a serious accident or your vehicle has a serious mechanical issue?  Do you have another car to drive to work if your primary vehicle is no longer available?
If you answered NO to […]

How do you measure LTV?

There are a few factors that can make LTVs misleading and sometimes lead us and our borrowers into a false sense of security.
Do you divide amount financed by MSRP or NADA Clean Retail? If it fits in your grid then loan is approved?
Most of us don’t have the time or expertise to calculate the “real […]

TotalRestart: A Total Value for Credit Unions & Members

Glacier Hills Credit Union has seen GAP sales nearly double since starting the TotalRestart program.The success of any sales program, regardless of how compelling the offer, lives or dies by how effectively it’s presented by staff to members. Glacier Hills Credit Union’s success with Frost’s TotalRestart program is a prime example of how to do […]

Frost helps Credit Unions Grow Their Auto Loan Portfolios using the TrueCar car buying service.

TrueCar offers members a more transparent and easier car buying experience and saves members an average of $3,279 off MSRP.Frost Financial, through a partnership with TrueCar, announces significant growth for credit unions in 2015. TrueCar works with credit unions to offer their members a one-of-a-kind service that not only makes the car-buying process more transparent, […]