TotalRestart Borrower Benefits

  • Help borrowers replace total loss vehicle with one similar to the one originally purchased.
  • Provide borrower coverage beyond just forgiving the loan.
  • Minimize uncertainty over need for GAP.
  • Protects down payments and hard-earned equity

TotalRestart Lender Benefits

  • Differentiate your loan or GAP offering – Added value.
  • “Blanket TotalRestart” can help increase penetration of GAP sales – Provide clear value proposition on those loans where GAP benefit appears marginal.
  • “Voluntary TotalRestart” protects borrowers from depreciation and creates new fee income!
  • Increase borrower loyalty after a total loss – Reimbursement benefit only available toward financing of replacement vehicle with YOU vs. the dealer or competing lenders.

TotalRestart is designed for your members who may not need or want GAP coverage, but would like to protect their “down payment and/or the equity” that they have earned.