Glacier Hills Credit Union has seen GAP sales nearly double since starting the TotalRestart program.

The success of any sales program, regardless of how compelling the offer, lives or dies by how effectively it’s presented by staff to members. Glacier Hills Credit Union’s success with Frost’s TotalRestart program is a prime example of how to do it right.

Glacier Hills Credit Union in West Bend, Wisconsin, had $108,609,597 in assets, 14,520 members and 2,770 auto loans (2,560 of them used) at the end of 2015. While Glacier Hills Credit Union’s partnership with Frost began about seven years ago, they implemented the TotalRestart program only a year ago. Already, the results are impressive.

“TotalRestart has made it easier to sell GAP,” explains President and CEO Dennis Degenhardt. “In part because our staff really believes in the program.”

TotalRestart is a “member benefit” that goes beyond traditional GAP coverage. When members finance their auto loan through your credit union and purchase GAP coverage, they get the peace of mind of knowing that they could get credit toward the replacement cost for a similar car if theirs is damaged or stolen and deemed a total loss.

That’s a peace of mind Glacier Hills loves to provide its members. “We are all about building life-long relationships, not just the immediate sale. The Frost program really fits into that philosophy,” says Mike Mallow, Senior Vice President.
“Joe Schmitz, our Frost Representative, understood our culture and came to us with TotalRestart, a product that will help our members with up to $4,000 replacement cost toward their next car.”

According to Mallow, the program’s success to date owes a lot to the on-site training Frost provided. “Joe came onsite and did a great job training our staff. You could see the light bulbs going on over their heads as he talked. You could practically see them thinking, “Oh yeah, that makes sense,” says Mallow. According to Mallow, in large part Frost’s training focuses on teaching staff to identify need. Once they see a need, they simply go to Frost’s web portal and look at GAP. It shows the vehicle’s depreciation and details the replacement program.

Results: GAP Sales Up

As a result of this training and the value and benefits of the product itself, Glacier Hills has seen GAP sales nearly double since starting the program. Before TotalRestart, they had approximately annual 160 GAP Sales. Since TotalRestart, they’ve had more than 300 policies written in the last year.

GAP Sales Nearly Double 160 to 300 policies in the last year

Beyond the initial training, Glacier Hills continues to foster staff support and enthusiasm for the program in other ways. “We like to incent on sales also,” shared Mallow. “We recently started a Grand Slam internal program. If a lender can sell GAP, Life, Disability and Unemployment, we call it the Grand Slam. They receive an additional cash bonus and bragging rights. Our people really play for pride to see who can score the most Grand Slams.”

Additionally, being able to offer TotalRestart gives credit unions like Glacier Hills the ability to differentiate themselves from dealers. But Mallow is quick to point out, “dealers always get the last shot at members, though. I believe that Frost’s product has helped us to get more deals, but even a product this strong can’t keep dealers from stealing your deals.”

With its strong member benefit story and the value it offers, TotalRestart really epitomizes the “people helping people” philosophy, which is why it has been so well received by members and credit unions. “We’ve had two TotalRestart claims and both members were delighted when they received their replacement money. We always make sure to remind them of where they would have been if they had not purchased GAP. I believe that the members like the replacement cost part of the offer better than the actual GAP,” Mallow adds with a grin.

Just as Glacier Hills is dedicated to building life-long relationships with its members, Frost is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its credit union customers. As Degenhardt explains, “We’ve been with Frost so long because they keep adding value to their product. First they added NADA values directly into their GAP program. Now they have TotalRestart. As long as they keep adding value, there is no reason to answer other insurance provider’s calls.”

For Glacier Hills, TotalRestart has been a real shot in the arm for non-interest income, and with margins so tight, that income growth is critical. Not only that, but TotalRestart also goes a long way toward building member loyalty, which in all likelihood translates into more business down the road. “I would recommend TotalRestart to any credit union that’s looking to increase their income and at the same time help their members,” says Mallow.


Glacier Hills Credit UnionĀ  – West Bend, WI

  • $108,609,597 in assets
  • 14,520 members
  • 2,770 auto loans (2,560 of them used) at end of 2015