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Save Your Borrowers Money

Rescue your borrowers from both high loan payments and buying overpriced vehicles.

Increase Interest Income

Overnight funds do little in today's rate environment. Put that money to work in high interest performers.

Generate Non-Interest Income

Your borrowers get needed protection, while your institution generates significant revenues.

Build Loyalty

Leverage digital-first tools for a great borrower experience, whether a refi or new financing.

Rev up your direct lending channel!

Combine a best-in-market car buying service with a turnkey loan recapture system.

See how a Car Buying Service and Recapture Products Grow Lending

Your members are already shopping online for a new vehicle. And those sites host their own financing. Here’s a secret: It’s not yours.

Know when members are looking and drive them to your financing. Plus, share exclusive discounts and benefits not available to the general public.

Even after doing your best, some people just end up financing elsewhere. Identify and engage them with money-saving offers to recapture that relationship.

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