Car Buying Service

Empowering members. Growing your institution's lending.

Make prospective shoppers actual borrowers.

Why Use Our Car Buying Service?

Car Buying - Woman Looking at Vehicle Offers

Keep Members Close

Stop losing loans to other digital car buying services.

Member Benefits

Vehicles purchased through platform receive complimentary perks.

Actionable Data

Loan staff can view member activity.

Loan Generation & Profitability

Drive more direct loans. Gain new opportunities for ancillary product sales.

You already make financing easy. Now make car shopping easy.

Nearly all your members start their car buying journey online. Your institution can provide an intuitive vehicle research, discovery, and purchasing platform, all through a branded portal. Serve your members with a mission-focused experience, whether they want to visit the dealer or do it all online.

Help Borrowers Find a car fast. With the Credit Union Touch.

Keep Shoppers Close

Your account holders have many choices for car buying services and financing online. Offer a credit-union centric system that integrates with your lending experience.

Stop Losing Loans to the Web

Car Buying - Group of People
Encourage more direct loans while opening the door to additional revenues by offering your loan protection products to build on the existing benefits.

Drive Financial Empowerment

Ensure members avoid negative financial spirals with the addition of valuable protections on every purchase.

Member Friendly. Dollar Smart.

Car Buying Save Time - People Looking at Phone
Car Trade and Money

Trade Insights

Ensure potential borrowers know what their current vehicle is worth. Your portal will enable members to get meaningful valuation in minutes.

Jump start the car buying Journey

Data Working For You

Know when your members are in-market. See what vehicles they’re reviewing, then reach out to help with pre-approval and financing.

Level The Playing Field

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