Lease Wear & Tear Protection

Different Needs for a Different Kind of Financing

Your lessee’s may need more than just GAP.

Why Lease Wear & Tear?

Lease Wear & Tear - Man Checking Vehicle

Enhance Loyalty

Ensure a great lease experience. Without any financial surprises.

Generate Revenue

Improve your ancillary income position. Offer this protection on every lease.

Eliminate Lease Anxiety

Lessees enjoy the ride. Without the worries.


Quick and easy application. Protection starts immediately.

You Know Leasing. We'll Help Keep Those Drivers Happy.​

Leasing should be an affordable and carefree alternative to purchasing. Help your lessees keep it that way.
Dents, dings, chipped paint, worn tires, and more are expected events during the lease term. What’s not expected are the costs to repair.

Manage Expectations Now. Help Leasee's Enjoy the Ride.

Worry-Free Driving

As a car gets driven, life happens. Offer your lessees peace of mind by covering up to $5000 of common issues including paint chips, dents, and tire wear.

Enjoy the Ride

Lease Worry Free Woman in Car
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Build Loyalty

Encourage repeat lease business by making the entire process easy and pain free.

Drive. Return. Repeat.

Generate Income

Develop a new revenue stream to build on your portfolio of non-interest income producing products.

Increase Your Bottom Line on Every Lease

VSC Income - Chart

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