Flooded But Not Underwater

As the jet stream settled further south than normal, 2023 saw a wetter and rougher spring for most Southern states. Flood, hail, and even tornadoes caused much damage and heartache. Climate change impacts, along with a strengthening El Niño, combined to make for a tough time. Thankfully, there are some happier stories.

Stories where borrowers avoided huge financial losses. How? Because their financial institution offered great products to help protect them against these kinds of events. Like Frost GAP.

SUV Totaled by Flood Damage

This SUV was deemed a total loss after being caught in an Alabama flood. Fortunately for the member, she had elected GAP with her loan. That GAP waiver eliminated the loan balance of $8,546.30, which was not covered by their personal auto insurance. Kudos to the loan officer who took the time to discuss how GAP could help when (unexpected) life happens.

Discover how Frost GAP can help your members save after unexpected events, too!

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